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Esports Insider

Esports Insider is a media platform focused on the business of esports. It’s the go-to platform for professionals in the esports industry, and those on the outside looking in. Esports Insider analyse the latest news, in addition to producing opinion pieces, interviews, esports betting coverage and more. Via our parent company SBC we offer advertising, media, events and consultancy services.

esports insider

Battle Of Glory

Battle of Glory ist he right place for all of you who have always dreamt of making some money playing computer games. Make your League of Legends matches even more exciting by playing against an equally strong opponent for money. BoG offers also the opportunity to compete with Challengers and pro gamers from the LCS. What are you waiting for?

Battle of Glory


You are a passionate gamer but you have difficulties to improve your skill level? You’d like to practice more efficient and make faster progress? Then Quakstage is what you are looking for! There you’ll find the coach who fits you and your goals best. Just select your game, pick your coach and start owning! Dont waste time ang get better in your favourite Game.