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Phenom street fighter

Considering its numerous prequels, Street Fighter is a real classic of esports history. If you are in your mid or late twenties (or even older), you might well remember the good old times when you and your friends used to beat up each other on your SNES console after school. Its competitive nature made it easy for the game to transition into a modern esports title. Although not as big as the top MOBAs or CS:GO, Street Fighter is played by a very loyal and passionate community. Therefore, it does not lack the professionalism of the other scenes mentioned.

In today’s episode we welcome one of the world’s top players, Armin Hanjani, also known as Phenom. The Norwegian player won the 2016 DreamHack Summer and the European Brooklyn Beatdown Finals. Apart from these impressive achievements, Phenom is doing well in any tournament he enters.

Armin will introduce us into the world of Street Fighter V and will explains what it takes to become a Beat ‘em up pro. At higher levels, players require as much technical skill as they need strategic knowledge. On top of that, you have to have a positive mind set in order to compete with the best. But what makes Street Fighter worth playing on a competitive level? Is the scene going to thrive in the years to come? Phenom is convinced that Street Fighter will increase its player base and viewership in the years to come.

Not only does the game feature unique mechanics but also characters people have played with for 20 years. Armin argues that Street Fighter V is like all other Beat ‘em ups on the surface. However, at the same time it has features which makes it more special to him them other specimen of the genre. This podcast is for both fans of the game and for people new to it. Check it out!

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