EST 14: “Gonna win tournament or qualify for BlizzCon” – TLO

Dario TLO Wünsch

StarCraft 2 is widely regarded as the first esport title of the Twitch era. And although the game hasn’t quite the audience it used to have, many people are still interested in the esport scene of this game. Today we have one of the most popular and remarkable personalities of StarCraft 2 in our podcast. […]

EST 11: “Know your players well” – PSISTORM’s PengWin

STefan Pengwin Mott

StarCraft II is the game of choice for quite a number of special characters. The pioneer esports title has been around for six years and will continue doing so for the next two years at least. In today’s podcast we welcome another very special guest, who’s been playing the game since release. Stefan ‘PengWin’ Mott […]

EST 9: Meet Zerg God Nerchio

nerchio starcraft

StarCraft II is arguably the hardest game esports has to offer these days. The RTS by Blizzard Entertainment has been around for six years and is said to be the game that basically started off the esports era in 2010. Nowadays, the game has not as much viewers as it used to have, but we […]