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What do you need in order to build up your esports team? Five dedicated and talented players, five high-end computers, and maybe a place where they can practice, right? Of course, there is much more to forming a successful esports team, and the role of the managers is one of the most critical factors. But what does a manager do and how does this contribute to the success of the players? In today’s episode we try to answer these (and more) questions with our guest Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann from Fnatic, one of the biggest teams in competitive gaming.

Careion coaches Fnatic’s Heroes of the Storm squad and has been for six months with the team now. Although he was determined to become a teacher, his plans have changed in the last years when it became more and more evident that he actually wanted to dedicate his expertise, skills, and knowledge to esports. Even if you are not playing a game competitively, you can still be involved in the esports scene and get a job there. His job is currently to help his charges to accomplish great things, he argues.

We talk with about the everyday routine in bootcamps and training sessions and get the impression that professional gaming is, indeed, a real hard job you have to invest a lot into. Not only do Jan’s tasks include supervising the pros’ training, making notes about drafts, and individual guidance, but also cooking for the players (and parenting them a little).

In contrast to other titles in esports, HotS is relatively small, especially in comparison to other MOBA’s such as LoL or DotA 2. Careion, however, is very confident that the scene is going maintain its place in professional gaming and will increase its range over the next years. We hope so, as we would love to invite you again, Mr. Hoffmann!

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  1. JetBlacK0311
    JetBlacK0311 says:

    It is only a matter of time until eSports will be a real job! In some countrys u can actually study it in universities. Also some bigger “players” (some NBA star which name i dont remember invested in Dota2) and companies (such as the german organization Schalke04 invested into a LoL-Team) putting their trust into eSports cause they already see its potentional!

    I hope that this wil happen soon, so i can quit everything and work for the eSports szene!

  2. Pocitacgamer
    Pocitacgamer says:

    Well that’s a really cool topic, maybe you can share the new one like how to build an esport team?

    LEAGUEMAIN says:

    hey 😀 i am main checking out your podcast 😀 and looking great! you guys deserved more attention


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