EST 11: “Know your players well” – PSISTORM’s PengWin

STefan Pengwin Mott

StarCraft II is the game of choice for quite a number of special characters. The pioneer esports title has been around for six years and will continue doing so for the next two years at least. In today’s podcast we welcome another very special guest, who’s been playing the game since release. Stefan ‘PengWin’ Mott is a Zerg player from Switzerland who is known and popular for casting StarCraft matches.

The 23-year-old doesn’t only play for his team PSISTORM Gaming but he is also their player manager. Despite his fairly young age, PengWin is one of the most experienced personalities in the scene. Unlike many other pro gamers who went on to other titles or quit esports entirely, Stefan has remained loyal to the SC2 community over the years.

In this episode, our guest talks about his early days in StarCraft and how it came to pass that he was signed by MyInsanity, his first professional team. Although Stefan doesn’t see himself as one of the best, he is still quite a decent player. Therefore, he is a popular commentator when it comes to events of all kinds. As an esports expert, he explains what it takes to become a good caster and how the chemistry with his co-casters works.

Very recently, PengWin left his former team MyInsanity to join PSISTORM Gaming, and lives currently in the US. We want to know what it is like to play there, and what he does a player manager. Of course, he will give us also some insights into his private life. What do his parents think about his dedication to esports? What does he do apart from gaming?

In regards to the recent changes in StarCraft’s balance, Stefan has also some things to say about the game’s balance. In general, the Swiss is happy with Blizzard’s work, but ever since the new patch he has problems against a very specific unit.

More about PengWin:

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