EST 5: Managing an Esports Team like Fnatic – Careion

Careion Esports Team Fnatic

What do you need in order to build up your esports team? Five dedicated and talented players, five high-end computers, and maybe a place where they can practice, right? Of course, there is much more to forming a successful esports team, and the role of the managers is one of the most critical factors. But […]


EST 2: What it takes to become an esports caster – KendricSwissh

KendricSwissh esports caster

Have you ever had the idea to become an esports caster? We all know that competitive games such as Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, or League of Legends would not be quite as much fun watching if it wasn’t for those fellas who guide us through epic matches, explain all kinds of tactics and strategies, […]