EST 12: “Winning a major was important for me” – AKAWonder

AKAWonder Sk Gaming

Hearthstone is a very special part of esports that has maybe more in common with poker than with computer games. After all, Blizzard’s digital card game is not about fast reactions, team play, or fancy micro. Therefore, a Hearthstone pro has to have other to beat their opponents. They have to be patient and calm […]

EST 3: Faeria, the alternative to Hearthstone? – Aquablad

Faeria Aquablad

Digital card games like Hearthstone and Faeria have become increasingly important for the esports market in recent years. Not only is the genre ideal for casual gamers, as one match lasts only a few minutes. Hearthstone and its relatives are played by pro gamers as well, who try to make a living by competing with […]