EST 6: Esports as an intellectual challenge – Ronan Irish

Ronan Irish Halo 5

What a time to be alive because today, we celebrate two special premiers at once! Not only is this episode the first one we dedicate to the popular shooter Halo, but it’s also the first time we welcome a guest from South Africa to our podcast. The incredible Ronan Irish is going to tell us everything worth knowing about the famous FPS by Microsoft.

Halo 5 is the most recent installment of series that was started off in 2001 and has been one of the commercially most successful games of the company. The latest part is competitively played in different 4v4 modes such as Capture the Flag or Strongholds, in which you have to capture and hold strategically important points on the map. Ronan emphasizes the significance of team movement because Halo is a much lower paced shooter than its more popular relative Counter-Strike. Therefore, he argues, the matches are very demanding in an intellectual fashion since you need to predict your opponents’ movements and force them to react.

Just like most gamers, Ronan started playing at a very early age, and has been dedicated to this hobby ever since. Accordingly, he had to convince his parents that gaming can be indeed a serious occupation. Nevertheless, he is actively studying and needs to spend his time very carefully. His example shows once more that gaming is not quite accepted as a profession (or at least that it’s smart to look for alternatives as well).

South Africa is not a country which is very well-known for its importance in esports, however, its scene is populated by many enthusiasts and supporters who embrace competitive gaming and its culture. Therefore, we are honored to talk about Ronan’s unique engagement in Halo and other console games. Make yourself comfortable, tune in, and meet one of South Africa’s most congenial esports personalities!

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